Your Own Personal Hi-Tech Food Source

We’ve all heard about the benefits of urban farming, but what if anyone could quickly and easily grow top-quality beyond-organic produce just steps from their kitchen, even in a tiny space on a balcony, rooftop or driveway? Thanks to the ingeniously designed vertical aeroponic gardens from LA Urban Farms, now you can create your own personal organic food source with less effort and without getting your hands dirty, and use 90% less water to grow it.

The water-conservation feature alone makes this a potential game-changer since water is becoming an increasingly precious resource. Plus these self-contained farms require just a tenth of the land mass, use no soil or harmful chemicals and grow faster yields than traditional soil gardens. Crops including greens, herbs, watermelons, strawberries, tomatoes, eggplant, edible flowers and hundreds of others, are harvested with the roots intact so they are still alive when they hit your plate, making them more flavorful and nutrient dense.

“This technology is so easy to use, we can all be farmers,” said LA Urban Farms Co-Founder Wendy Coleman. “In just 30 inches, you can grow up to 44 different plants in abundance in what might have been unused space. Most of the produce grown in these aeroponic gardens can be harvested in just 28 days.”

Google Cafeteria, Chicago O’Hare Airport and Giants Stadium are now growing food with this technology; plus LAUF gardens can be seen on the campuses of Stanford University and Santa Barbara City College.

These gardens are the ‘IT” thing in Hollywood because they represent a commitment to local food-growing and an organic lifestyle. Sunset Gower Studios’ commissary recently re-opened as Food & Bounty helmed by Disney’s “That’s Fresh” TV Chef and Caterer Helen Cavallo. The “Scandal” stars are fans. LA Urban Farms is growing 880 edible plants in 20 gardens for Chef Cavallo just steps from her kitchen door.

Jessica Alba, owner of the Honest Company, enjoys an LA Urban Farms garden at home, and several at work for her employees. “Wild” co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern gifted each other with these vertical gardens when the film wrapped.

This patented growing system was designed by inventor Tim Blank who worked with NASA and Disney’s Epcot Center’s “Living with the Land” exhibit as lead horticultural expert for 12 years, growing hydroponic food crops from all over the world. His system is so innovative and sustainable that it has been approved by the Clinton Global Initiative and the U.S. Green Building Council for LEED points.

Here’s how it works: A reservoir at the base of each garden holds 20 gallons of water infused with a nutrient solution formulated for optimal plant health and human nutrition. A submersible pump pushes the water up through the center of the column where it is accessed by the plants’ hanging roots. As it trickles back down, it mists the roots with nutrient-rich water. The same water recirculates until the plants absorb it.

Price: $525 or 12 monthly payments of just $45.25 per month (plus tax and shipping).

Add-On: An extension kit can be purchased for $70 that allows you to grow 8 additional plants for a total of 28 plants.

To order a garden, set up an urban farm or learn more, visit or call 310-445-5724. Follow LA Urban Farms on Instagram at @laurbanfarms