5 Tricks How to Afford the Best Technology Gadget for You

We all want that new iPhone, computer, or other super cool tech gadget, but we don’t always have the money for it. We might be expecting some kind of a miracle during Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions, but that might not happen either.

Don’t worry! There are some ways how to afford it all (maybe not the newest ones, but still!) and enjoy being a modern man! These tricks are the only way how to receive the best while spending the less!

Buy second-hand

Ok, so one of the easiest ways how to get the best tech gadget for you is to look for people who are selling it! And in this case, the best place would be all second-hand stores or e-stores. Usually, those gadgets will be used a lot, some of it not so much, but those items are going to coast silly small for sure. And you can always afford that! If you don’t mind having the second-newest gadget as opposed to the very latest, you could find yourself a real bargain at these stores without any doubt. So second-hand store option is definitely worth to consider!

Use online tricks and tips

You can also reduce your spending a lot if you find some special coupons, various promo codes or other hacks to get the best possible price. There are many discount codes and tricks and tips specially made to shop a lot cheaper. In many cases, with just one coupon you can get that dream gadget a lot less expensive. And that is just one store of thousands of others!

Trade your old gadgets

You can also get your desired new gadget then you trade your old one! This might work in this way: some technology shops let you trade in old models and use them as part-payment towards your new gadget. So you get some credit you can use to get that newest model of your dreams just by paying the difference of a price. This way you will get rid of an old item, and spend much less on a new one!

Buy on finance

Another way you can get your dream gadget much cheaper is to purchase it during a few month periods. For example, some stores will let you buy new technology on finance. That means that you get the gadget straight away but pay for it in monthly installments. This way you can enjoy your new gadget right away, but pay for it in the future. This definitely works then you don’t have a specific amount of money, but you have steady monthly incomes. Just be prepared that you are going to pay for it for a few months or a year sometimes (depends on how expensive that gadget is) and overall amount the money you spend on that will be a little bit bigger than paying the whole price instantly.

Ask for gifts 

Finally, you can annoy and beg your friends and relatives to chip in and gift you that iPhone you wish for. Or you can write a letter to a Santa and ask for a Christmas gift instead! That is likely the cheapest way to get it, but that it is not the easiest ones too. Just be a good kid for some time and carefully mention your biggest desire to people you think you might get it from. At the worst case scenario, you won’t get that gadget, but you might get some cash you can use to purchase it. It is still as a win-win situation for you!  So try this out! 

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