How to Make the Perfect Cup Of Coffee

A cup of coffee soon when you are out of bed in the morning will be so welcoming, isn’t it?! Plus, if the coffee is deliciously hot and rich in flavor then it is going to be a great treat to every coffee lover’s tongue.

Cuisinart has made this dream come true with its intelligently designed Cuisinart DCC 3200 automatic drip coffee maker. The 14-cup coffee maker is a complete package of all the necessary features thereby making coffee brewing hassle free and more convenient.

With the easy controls and push buttons, the unit is easy to use and the bright blue glow from the LED display is easy to read. The drip coffee maker features a separate hour and minute settings for easy programmability.

For those who wish to sip the morning cuppa but lazy to follow any brewing ritual in the morning, Cuisinart dcc-3200 is ideal since it can be programmed and features auto shut off features. You need not have to wait till the unit brews a full pot. Featuring brew-pause option, this amazing coffee maker allows you to enjoy your cup of coffee even before the brew cycle is completed. Though the coffee machine can brew up to 14 cups, it can brew as little as 1 to 4 cups.

Cuisinart DCC 3200 comes with a glass carafe that can hold 14 cups of brewed coffee. Though some may prefer thermal carafe over the glass one, I personally like glass carafe since it holds the temperature of the brew for a long time.

Engineers at Cuisinart have considered all their customer’s preferences well. Guess what, the unit offers auto-clean option! After all who wants to spend some extra hours on Sundays to deep clean the cuppa making machine.

Coming to the taste of coffee from Cuisinart dcc-3200, all I can say is don’t worry, it is being taken care. The coffee from this amazing drip coffee maker is delicious and flavor-rich.

The earlier models of Cuisinart had complaints of coffee overflowing and coffee grounds clogging. It is being taken care in this dcc-3200 model by including larger basket with bigger drip opening and deeper reservoir.

To conclude, Cuisinart DCC 3200 worth for the money, easy to set up, easy to clean, 24 hours programmable and gives you great tasting coffee each time. What else to expect from an automatic drip coffee maker?! Go for it.

If you are not finding Cuisinart dcc-3200 Coffee Maker in retail shops near your area, then you can buy this from online.

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