How to Throw the Perfect California inspired Dinner Party

Who doesn’t dream of a weekend getaway somewhere in California, enjoying a nice bottle of wine while looking at the sunset? Now, not everyone can go to California when they feel like it – but you can bring California to your own backyard! Does a California themed dinner party sound good? Because if it does, then here is how to make it just right:

Choose the right time

This means multiple things: Firstly, the perfect season for this is one where it’s hot enough to enjoy an evening outside, because the perfect setup will most certainly be outdoors. However, if you want to host this type of party in the winter, make sure it’s during the day – perhaps a brunch rather than a dinner – and in a room with plenty of windows. But if you are sticking to a warmer season, then choose to start just about 5 pm and let the party go on into the night. If you are making an event out of it, make sure you send out the invitations well in advance so that everyone can mark the date in their calendars.

Set the mood

The best way to make yourself and your guests feel like you’re right there in Cali is to prepare the right décor. Think bright colors, and natural materials. Feel free to bring out the lawn chairs, turn barrels into tables and logs into chairs. Make sure that everyone is comfortable by placing brightly colored cushions everywhere. Try to use plain white plates with the side of pastel yellow napkins. For decoration you can make flower arrangement with different wild flowers. The more rustic it looks – the better. If you feel like your table isn’t large enough to fit everything without being too cluttered and uncomfortable to use, place a small serving table to the side to clear up space. When it gets dark, try to provide as much light as you can through candles, torches and lanterns. If you are using light bulbs, look for dimmed, yellow lights to set the right mood.

Create the perfect menu

Depending on the company that will be joining you, you might want to experiment more or less with the menu. But why not try a wonderful modern surf ‘n’ turf recipe to wow your guests? Serve it with a refreshing salad mixed with a variety of nuts and for dessert give your guests just the best berry tart they have ever tried. But if you’d rather spend time with your guests instead of in the kitchen, you can hire a great personal chef from California just for that evening who will design the ideal menu and make sure that everything is cooked to your liking. You can work with them to come up with something that will truly capture the spirit of California, and you might even pick up on a few tricks in the kitchen from them.

Pair it with the best wine

If you are throwing a Cali inspired party you simply have to open a few bottles of good wine. You can even organize the event so that every guest brings a bottle of wine that means something to them with a little note attached so that everyone knows the story behind the bottle. Put all of them on display and then strategize which ones to open first. Usually you will want to start with the whites, then move onto the rosés, and finally the dark reds with dessert. For breaks in between the tall glasses, and for friends who don’t drink alcohol, you can serve fresh lemonade with different flavors or homemade ice tea.

The Californian theme can work amazing for anything from an engagement celebration to a summer get-together. It is laid back and easy going, so all of your friends will feel relaxed and calm. It’s the perfect way to make a big announcement or share something important with friends and family. So have fun with your friends and when you close your eyes you will almost be able to hear the ocean in the distance.

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