Important Tips for the Starting Food Blogger

Fashion and beauty blogs have been holding the crown for quite a while now. Still, the type of blog that is rapidly gaining momentum is the food one. People who are kitchen-savvy are becoming increasingly keen on the idea of sharing their cooking tips and expertise, as well as healthy and easy recipes for every occasion. We are witnessing an increasing number of food blogs aimed at vegetarians and vegans, so it is safe to say that the blogs of today are here to cater to every taste. Every aspiring food blogger keeps a close watch on how the most famous and prominent food bloggers, domestic and international do it before taking the leap and starting their own. If this sound familiar and you have been toying with the idea of making your own food blog, here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

Be consistent

Posting a recipe and then going off the grid for a week at a time is not exactly the best way to start. You have to show your audience that you are committed. Do not feel discouraged if your blog does not get thousands of hits from the get-go. Blog growth is slow at first and gains momentum as time goes by, assuming that you stick with it and do your best. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you post daily, or at least once every two days. In addition to being consistent in terms of frequent posts, you also need to maintain consistency when it comes to the quality of your posts and the originality of your recipes. If you post one great and innovative recipe followed by five been-there-done-that ones, your readers will start considering you a ‘one hit wonder’ and consequently lose interest. Blogging is a serious commitment and you need to show that you will be devoted to it with all your heart, in both quality and quantity.

Catchy name and titles

As Huffington Post states, there are many food blogs today, some of them good, some of them not so much. If you have great recipes, great photos, witty and sharp things to say – there is only one key ingredient you need to add into the mix in order to be successful – a great name. All your greatness can be in vain if the name of your blog is not funny, witty or catchy enough to make people eagerly click on it. People are drawn to creative names, so before you start posting, take the time to brainstorm on the best name ideas. You can even gather your friends to help you if necessary. Keep in mind that it needs to be catchy, but also has to reflect the content of your blog, the type of recipes you post, as well as your personality. Make sure that every single post has an eye-catching title and don’t shy away from sharing a funny personal anecdote. Anyone can post a recipe, but it is the rest of your content and your online persona that will keep your readers coming back.


Great photography goes a long way

One of the key ingredients to a successful and professional food blog is great photography. Your readers can’t taste the food, so they have to rely on your words and your visual presentation. However, professional food photography is no simple matter, so if photography is not your forte, hire an experienced photographer who can really bring life to your blog.Just as in restaurants, presentation is fifty percent of the appeal, so you truly need to make sure your photographs do your food justice. No matter how good the food is, it is nothing without a presentation to match.


Accuracy of information

Objections and complaints on forums and comment sections can be a common occurrence. People will post that they followed the recipe to the letter and it didn’t turn out as said. Of course, this isn’t always the blogger’s fault, sometimes recipes simply don’t work out for some. Still, in order to avoid this type of feedback, when preparing a meal, stop and write down everything – ingredients, amounts, steps. Don’t create recipes by heart or provide vague recipes. The most important thing is that your recipe is precise and correct.

Photography vs taste

As said before, great photography is important as your readers aren’t exactly in the position to taste your food. This is why it is crucial that you present them with recipes that do not only look good but are also super-delicious. When people follow the recipe, and it turns out as salacious as it looks on your blog, that increases your popularity and credibility, so make sure to always keep things tasty, as well as presentable. Good luck, future food blog star!


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