The connection to the golf has a way deeper sense than just a hobby. This is not an only new Olympic game, it is a special culture, a real lifestyle that honors many rules and traditions born in far 1457 year, a whole philosophy, a real art for a lady and a huge honor for gentlemen. In every game, there are several rules, when this sport is not an exception. But this game, unlike other sports, had only these three basic principles for many centuries:

  • Play the Ball as it's laid;
  • Play on the field, as it is;
  • If neither one nor the other is impossible - act in accordance with justice.

In connection with popularization of this game, its conversion to an official level and need for mass competitions, these 3 rules were not enough, so many clubs of England added rules that differed from one to another. These changes were needed for a better game. In 1754, some old official rules were fixed in the document "Articles and laws of the game of golf" and at that time had 13 points.

Only in 2004, the rights and responsibilities in a compilation and exegetics of golf rules, as well as decisions on rules were changed to an organization The R & A Rules Limited. The USA and Mexico have own organization too. The American Golf Association USGA, which was established in 1894 in the state of New Jersey, has similar powers on these territories. Even if you are a member of the bay harbor golf club, We Ko Pa Golf Club or any other you still play by the rules that are established by a particular sports association.

Let's talk about one of the most popular golf clubs in the state of Florida. It is Royal Poinciana golf club which located on 1600 Solana Road, Naples, Florida 34105. This place was founded in the late 60's, and even at that time was quite prestigious. The first course was opened in November 1969, and the second in the spring of 1970, that is when the era of the sports club began, which is rapidly developing to this day.

First of all, it's a golf club, but on the territory, you also have the opportunity to play tennis. You can play tennis on several courts, even at night but there is one inviolable rule – any visit has to be booked online in advance or by phone at a particular club. Everything you need for tennis is possible to buy on the territory of the company in a special store (equipment, special clothes, bag and other).  

What else should you keep in mind? Returning to this Olympic elite sport, there are two main fields on the territory of Royal Poinciana. Pines Course is around 6,800 yards, and it is actually two courses located side by side. Cypress Course is more green, more natural and has up to 6,500 yards. Both courses have a sufficient number of holes with a different type of location, from simple to complex.

On the territory, you can visit a special branded shop to buy your personal Golf Ball or even purchase a good beginner golf club set if you still don’t have one. You can also shop for any other equipment you may need. But remember that prices are always more expensive on the territory of the course than in special stores located in the city like Taylormade Womens golf clubs.

You cannot smoke in the territory of the course; this rule applies to everyone, even the honorable members of the Royal Poinciana Club. There are member rooms. Garden room, private dining room and Poinciana room open for your use. High kitchen, grill, expensive alcohol, lovely interior, comfortable sofas and first-class stuff works for your service.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Happy Member?

This information is not listed on the official website and is also hard to find on the Internet. Therefore, it is quite difficult to open this secret, but you can always call the number, find out the price and if it suits you, become a member and enjoy a wonderful time in the circle of single-minded people.

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