Winder Farms Makes Grocery Shopping Easy

With today's hectic lifestyles, finding the time to cook a meal at home can be challenging enough, let alone even finding the time to buy the ingredients. That's where Winder Farms Food & Grocery Delivery comes in! The concept is simple- shop online, select a delivery date and receive your fresh produce and groceries right on your doorstep. You save time and hassle. Plus you'll gain a piece of mind as many of the products are all-natural, organic, pesticide-free, preservative-free or hormone-free! You can even set a standing order for those weekly staples such as milk, bread, eggs etc.

Our delivery was scheduled for a Wednesday so we were happy when we received a knock on the door in the earlier part of the morning. Food deliveries are kind of like Christmas for us so of course the sooner the package arrives the better!

The delivery had two a big box of local Tanka Farms produce and the other a huge insulated bag filled with frozen and refrigerated goodies. On a side note: the bag alone was enough to get excited about! It's a huge blank lined zipper bag that can be reused for anything from picnics to beach outings to transporting groceries (the ones you can't get from Winder of course!)

We were pleasantly surprised to see the freshness of both the produce and chilled/frozen items. The produce was all vibrant and green and the aroma from the fresh basil and herbs was lovely! The fruit was ready to eat so no need to wait a few days for it to ripen. Did we mention we're not patient people either?! The whole grain bread was soft and had a readable ingredient list (no weird additives). The frozen items were still solidly frozen which is important because the freeze/thaw/refreeze process really takes a toll on the flavor of the meat. Some of their steaks were grass fed too...bonus!

What we found to be one of the biggest perks of the delivery was how easy it was to transform the items into easy meals.

Here's what we came up with:

  • Breakfast: applewood smoked bacon and eggs with whole wheat toast, a side of cantaloupe and glass of cold milk
  • Lunch: A huge fresh green salad, egg salad sandwich and watermelon wedges
  • Snack: Rich creamy chocolate milk added to our afternoon coffee for a yummy mocha
  • Dinner: Grilled steak, 5-cheese ravioli in a fresh tomato & basil sauce and sautéed white green beans

All that and we didn't even have to leave the house! Impressive!

Applewood Smoked Bacon (1.5 lb) $10.69
Grass Fed Ribeye Steak (2 ct./10 oz.) $26.99
Organic Brown Free Range Eggs (dozen) $5.95
Broguiere's 4% Choc. Milk Glass (32 oz) $5.69
Milk (1/2 gallon) $4.19
Sliced Wheat Bread (20oz) $4.95
Ravioli-5 Cheese (12oz) $7.95
Tanka Farms Produce Box $41.50

For more information or to place an order please visit Winder Farms. 

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