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The best way to store wine

Can anyone recommend a company to build a wine cellar? I'm looking at a number of wooden wine racks and need someone to install them. Thanks

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Best Non Alcoholic Wine

I've heard horror stories about the taste of non alcoholic wine. I found this list of the best non alcoholic wine, does anyone know of other options? 

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Joining a whiskey of the month club

I'm considering joining a whiskey of the month club. Has anyone joined one already? Do you have a favorite or any feedback? 

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Aerating wine

I am looking for a wine aerator. Has anyone tried any that are on this list?

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Investing in wine

I've been thinking about investing in wine for a while. I just found a few resources that I thought I would share for anyone else interested in wine investment. The first is a list of places to buy wine futures. The second is a list of great places to buy rare wine…


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Eating in Santa Ynez

We were looking for the best Solvang restaurants on a recent wine tasting trip. We found a nice list of restaurants in Solvang and the surrounding Santa Ynez Valley. The dining scene is getting much better in Northern Santa Barbara County. 

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Super Cheap Way To Build Wine Collection

We found a great way to build a decent wine collection at a discount. There are two wine by the case clubs that offer a huge discount on the initial shipments. After the first shipment, the savings aren't that great, but you can cancel at any time. 

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Learning about wine and food

One of our goals this year is to learn more about wine and more about wine and food pairing. We have a list of the best wine books to get us started. 

Can anyone recommend some great books on food and wine pairing? 

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Best Places To Eat In Temecula

I love going wine tasting in Temecula, but I'm afraid the dining options are limited. Here are some places that I do recommend when you are there.

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Holiday wine gifts

I found this post with some great holiday wine gifts. If you are a wine lover, what are you buying for the holidays? 

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Is San Diego Only For Beer Lovers

We just returned from a trip to San Diego. The weather was perfect as usual. There were plenty of fun places to eat. The city had an energetic vibe and there was great beer on every corner. Ok, maybe not every corner, but close. 

We left our trip wondering why beer dominates the San Diego foodie scene, while wine is rarely mentioned. Are there no great wineries in San Diego County? We did some searching and found this list of the …


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Ramona Wineries

What if you don't enjoy the crowds in Temecula, but want the full winery/vineyard experience? Has anyone tried out the Ramona Wineries?This is a short drive from many areas of the OC. The wineries are small/quaint. There are vineyards throughout the town and there are almost no crowds if you go mid-week. Oh, and the wine is good. 

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Are There Any Good Wine Clubs Out There

Whether you’re looking to try new and different wines, or you’re seeking deeper education, the best wine clubs can fulfill all sorts of expectations.

Typically, the way wine clubs work is you sign up for a membership.  That membership lasts for a specified period of time (they vary). It also includes a specified number of bottles with each shipment.  Most clubs include monthly shipments. Other wine clubs ship quarterly.

You sign up, and wine appears on your doorstep like…


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Which wineries have the best food?

As wine tasting evolves from standing at a bar sipping free wine to a full service "experience", food service is becoming a key to winery success. I'm interested in finding out who is doing it right?

I've been through many tasting room in the Temecula Wineries and I haven't found a memorable food experience. Am I missing something? Where are the great food and wine pairing experiences? 



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