7 South African Street Foods you need to try

Cooking is one thing South Africans are good at. Specially made food is readily available at affordable costs on the street. You may find amazingly delicious food on a little tent at the end of a block that are easy on your pocket.

Even if you are not on a budget, I would still recommend South African street food. Next time you are visiting the continent satisfy your taste buds with unique and inherently nostalgic foods. All these available on the street. Here are 7 foods you should try.

Roasted Maize on the Cob

Roasted maize on the cob is perhaps the most common street found in South Africa. Up to 50% of South Africans rely on maize for daily consumption making it the Country’s staple food. You will also find this delicacy in similar countries such as Ghana, Congo, and Kenya. In South Africa they are called braided mielie.

To prepare, pick newly harvested maize, peel it off and keep the seeds intact. Roasted maize is simply roasted in open fires on the street until golden brown. When all seeds on the cob are ready, you are ready to serve. If you hear popping sounds, you waited too long. The food is among the cheapest foods will ever consume on these streets.

If you are visiting in summer, you will find numerous points of sale around the country. This is the season when the product’s first harvest arrives. Roasted corn is so common and popular that it is taken in-between meals as well as the main meal. It is served with various styles.

Amagwinya (Vetkoek)

Before you test Amagwinya, you have not explored the country’s reality. Freshly fried golden Vetkoek at the corner of the block is so common you will not have to search or ask. It is prepared by simply kneading dough and leaving it to rise. When ready, the chef breaks off balls to deep fry. The dumplings are spiced up with mince-and-veggie curry, polony, bobotie-spiced mince and butter. It can never go wrong with Amagwinya.


A smiley is an entire sheep’s head on your plate. As crazy as that sounds, it is in fact, the truth. It may be initially shocking and daunting to you when a weird-looking head drops on your plate. If, however, you are determined to be adventurous, you will quickly lose the stage fright and enjoy your meal. The juiciest part should be the cheek meat.
The only way to eat this is to go a little manner-less and dig your teeth and hands into the flesh hiding within the bony structure.


These are traditional sausages are affectionately known as boerie rolls. The barbecue meat is made from beef mixed with either pork or mutton. They are served in their coil shape that resembles the long Cumberland sausage. It is crammed with caramelized onions and other spices such as dhania but these differ with your preferences.

The famous Cape Town Gatsby

South Africans are fond of filled bread. Gatsby is another delicacy with “slap” chips to sandwich. The sandwich is a foot long divided into three or four parts. For the big fans, cutting into two is enough. The proteins to sandwich depend on your preference. From chicken, steak, calamari, to Viennas, you will be spoilt for choices.

Served with smatterings of salad (and South African salads always include dhania) and plenty of sauce, Gatsby will always be consistent on the street for a long time. Purchase a Gatsby in those tiny tents and trucks outdoors and enjoy the best version of the delicacy at the least possible price.


The name Kota was derived from a quarter loaf of bread. It is simply a quarter loaf of bread that is hollowed to create space for additions. It is mostly filled by a combination of popular additives such as polony, cheese egg, atchar, slap chips, a sausage, and of course; your preferred sauce.

To make it easy to handle it on the outdoors, it comes wrapped up. you Can always have one while on the move and enjoy it as you stick to your business.


All around the world you will always find roti as one famous delicacy. It never disappoints and we never get tired of it. South African version of the roti is amazing. It is a butterfly-like flanky design quite light and thin. With curry inside, the taste is enticing and you are likely to eat more than you intended if you are not on the move. To enjoy it; take it hot when you have good space in your stomach for more.

Salomie can be served with the widest variety of stews and salads. In South Africa, it is mostly served with beef stew and vegies. On the street however, the beef is rolled within the roti for a delicious sandwich


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Be free to explore and get the most adventure out of your visit to South Africa. This does not mean that you should be consistent with foreign food. Your stomach may react aggressively especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Take bits of foreign food at a time as you observe your stomach’s reaction. Carry anti-acids to relieve stomach trouble especially if you have over eaten.

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