Are You Currently on a Diet? Find Some Fat-Burning Foods

It is often asked whether there is also a certain diet that has fat-burning properties. They are sure! This list of healthy foods helps you lose weight faster and burn fat faster. The best result is achieved when you are losing weight. Your body will then appeal to fat reserves and with some updates in your diet will burn even more fat. You will therefore have more results from the same effort, thanks to fat-burning foods. Let's start with Top 10 fat-burning foods.

Fat-burning grapefruit

Grapefruit is an acid bitter fruit that helps to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories. You will feel satisfied longer even though you consume fewer calories. Grapefruit helps to stabilize the glucose level.
You can eat or drink grapefruit in various ways. Of course it is tasty in a fruit salad, but have you ever tried an ordinary salad? As a drink, grapefruit is delicious as juice or in a smoothie. Try to use fresh grapefruit.

The ultimate health bomb with grapefruit can be found in this recipe: Salmon with avocado and grapefruit.

Lose weight with celery

With celery, it is simple: you burn more calories than you eat. So you can eat celery undisturbed. It mainly contains moisture and helps your body to drift away moisture. There are diets with only celery, but there is a lack of essential nutrients. So see celery leaves as a healthy addition.

Celery can be prepared in various ways. It is widely used in soups and sauces. Our preference is for the raw eating of celery. Think of a salad of celery, apple, chives and a little yogurt. Or if you have a juicer a nice fresh juice. Celery combines well with other fresh flavors such as apple, cucumber and lime.

Whole grain cereals

Although many diets claim that it is good to completely banish cereals, they have been part of our diet for centuries. What needs to be watched is not over-consumption of this food. Whole grain cereals are rich in vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates. They make you feel fuller and fuller longer.

Foods using wholemeal cereals are: wholemeal bread, wholemeal spelled bread and silver-leaf rice.

Burn fat with green tea

Green tea is the ideal way to easily lose weight faster. It is a boost for your metabolism and also tasty. Green tea is a delicious drink both hot and cold. It is also rich in anti-oxidants.

Buy green tea rather in leaf form in the specialist store than in pulverized form in the supermarket. The quality and therefore the effect of real green tea is better.

Omega 3 fats

Fortunately, the idea that all fats are bad is now reasonably out of the world. There are also healthy fats, and in addition, about 30% of the calories a day comes from fat. Omega 3 helps regulate metabolism and has a positive effect on the leptin level. Leptin is a hormone that affects fat burning and has a feeling of satiety.

Omega 3 can be found in various foods, including oily fish. Herring, salmon and tuna are rich in omega 3. If you do not like fish, supplements are also available.

Coffee and slimming

Many people like a nice cup of coffee in the morning. It makes you wake up and alert. Some describe it as essential to wake up in the morning. This is due to the caffeine that gives our body a wake-up boost. This also ensures that the heart rate accelerates, the blood absorbs more oxygen and eventually burns more calories.

Coffee, if you want to drop off at the same time, it is best to drink black. By adding sugar and / or milk you quickly make a calorie bomb.

Fat-burning foods: Avocado

Avocado is a triple fat burner. It contains healthy fats that accelerate metabolism. In addition, it helps your body get rid of free radicals, lowers cholesterol, heals wounds better, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, it is good for your eyes and your hair. A miracle fruit!

Avocado is available throughout the year in the supermarket. It is very tasty in a salad with, for example, tomatoes and a boiled egg. But also with spinach, beans and roasted chicken it is very tasty. Finally, a smoothie with a hint of cinnamon and coconut milk is recommended.

Spicy food

Nutrition that is known for temporarily increasing metabolism are peppers. Spicy food speeds up the metabolism to 30% for about an hour after the meal. Of course, beware that you do not become too fanatic with extra spicy food, your stomach and intestines have to be able to tolerate the peppers.

There are all kinds of peppers available that are a delicious seasoning for a meal. Peppers do well with meat, fish, sauces and soups. And have you ever tried a juice with lemon and cayenne pepper. Length it up with some water and you have a refreshing metabolism accelerating lemonade.

Chia seed

Chia seed is a superfood / raw food and is now available in many stores. It is rich in protein, fiber, omega 3 fats, helps speed up your metabolism and suppress appetite. Ideal if you want to lose weight.

Chia seed can be eaten in smoothies, salads, yogurt or, for example, oatmeal. You can also let them soak in water for 15 minutes and then drink them, but in combination with yogurt they are a little more tasty.

Brazil nuts

These great, delicious nuts help you burn more calories. A perfect snack! Brazil nuts help speed up your metabolism by turning a basic thyroid hormone into T3, the active thyroid hormone. Paranuts also help against cellulite and boost the immune system.

Brazil nuts are delicious to eat just loose, but they are also very tasty in a salad with citrus fruits or in a vanilla-soya smoothie.

Note: Brazil nuts are rich in selenium. When you regularly eat Brazil nuts, do not eat more than 1 or 2. When you eat them occasionally, a larger amount is not bad. For the longer term, an overdose of selenium is harmful to hair and nails.

To lose weight

To lose weight it is important not only to eat fat-burning food, but balanced. If you want to make a flying start, read a lot of weight quickly. Here you read the basics to quickly lose some extra kilos. We also provide advice and the benefits of sports for specific problem areas. Read more about getting rid of your tummy here , if you want to lose weight specifically on your legs. Lose weight legs and about the benefits of weight in the gym: Strength training for women .

Do not you like to move, or is it impossible due to lack of time or injuries? It is also very possible to lose weight without exercising. Eventually, about 75% depends on food. Read more about losing weight without exercising at

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