Classic Clambake Gets a Craft Beer Upgrade With Samuel Adam's Summer Ale

To celebrate the summer season, Samuel Adams teamed up with New England Cuisine Expert and Food Network Star Chef Michele Ragussis to bring craft beer lovers a Summer Ale -infused clambake – a combination of lobsters, clams, sausage and fresh vegetables boiled in Summer Ale for added layers of flavor, ready for drinkers to cook at home or beachside.

Chef Michele Ragussis , a New England native, is known for her love of seafood and has long used craft beer, both as a pairing and as an ingredient, to enhance the flavor of the dishes she creates. After visiting with the brewers at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery and talking about how to make the raw components of beer shine in cooking, Michele found that the ingredients of Summer Ale , like lemon peel and Grains of Paradise, a cardamom-like pepper from Africa, were the perfect addition to her favorite clambake recipe.

"Most people don't realize the depth of flavors and built-in spices craft beer can add to recipes," says Ragussis. " Sam Adams Summer Ale proved to be an incredible flavor catalyst for this clambake recipe, infusing the lobster, clams, meats and vegetables with notes of bright citrus and spicy pepper. A great part of this recipe is that it can be made on the stovetop or beachside, so you can have the New England experience wherever you are this summer."

Jennifer Glanville , one of the brewers who collaborated with Michele on the clambake, notes the recipe was designed to pair with Summer Ale too.

" Summer Ale is the perfect pairing to enjoy alongside this traditional seafood feast; the buttery lobster meat, sweet clams and spicy sausage in Michele's clambake are a great complement to the beer's crisp wheat character and citrusy aromas," says Glanville. "The fruit and citrus character from the lemon peel, Noble hops and ale yeast in Summer Ale create a lively kick and bright, clean finish to the pairing."

Samuel Adams, in partnership with artisanal meat and seafood purveyor Robinson's Prime Reserve, makes recreating Chef Ragussis' recipe at home simpler than ever with the Samuel Adams Summer Ale Urban Clambake Packages, available starting May 2013 at

For craft beer lovers who will be cooking and dining al fresco, Samuel Adams Boston Lager cans are hitting shelves this summer just in time for outdoor drinking occasions where bottles aren't allowed, such as outdoor sporting events, boating or the beach. Summer Ale cans will also be available in select markets. Samuel Adams Boston Lager and Summer Ale cans will be available in 12-packs for a suggested retail price of $14.99-17.99 (price and availability varies by market).

Samuel Adams Summer Ale -infused clambake tasting and pairing notes:
Samuel Adams Summer Ale 's crisp wheat character balances out the buttery seafood of this dish, while the citrus adds a fresh bite. The distinctive spice from the chorizo is well matched by the peppery notes from the Grains of Paradise in the beer and the clams add a slight sweetness that is complemented by the lemon notes of the beer.

Samuel Adams Summer Ale Urban Clambake,
Recipe created by Food Network Star Chef Michele Ragussis :

4 lobsters (1 lb. each)
5 lbs. steamers
3 yellow onions
4 cloves garlic
6 ears of corn
12 small potatoes
1 lb. Portuguese sausage (or chorizo)
1 lb. hot dogs
2 lemons
3 bottles of Samuel Adams Summer Ale
½ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
Rockweed seaweed (optional)

NOTE: Ask your fishmonger for purged steamers as they have been cleaned already. You can also ask them for the seaweed to add as a layer after the potatoes (optional).

Before beginning, make sure all clams are scrubbed clean.
On the stove top, in a big pot, layer quartered onions, garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, 2 ½ bottles of Samuel Adams Summer Ale and small potatoes.
Cut the Portuguese sausage into 1-inch thick pieces, and cut the hot dogs in half, lengthwise.
Add the meat and the cleaned clams to the pot. Add the lobsters, and cover tightly. Let cook for 15 to 20 minutes until done.
Layer on a platter, and save the remaining liquid for dipping. Serve with lemon wedges, and pair with a Samuel Adams Summer Ale .
Serves 8-10

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