Easy and Affordable Catering Ideas for your Wedding in Birmingham

Planning a wedding is not only stressful: it is also expensive. From the venue to the catering services, you can end up looking at a substantial amount of money. Although there is not much you can do about the cost of the venue, you can do something about the catering. By choosing more affordable and more creative ideas for your wedding in Birmingham, you can end up saving yourself a lot of money.

Pizza Catering

Everyone loves pizza, so why not have it at your wedding reception? There are lots of companies that offer excellent rates for a large amount of pizzas, and since there is no cutlery needed, you do not have to worry about purchasing or renting enough to accommodate your guests.

Pasta Buffet

Having a pasta buffet at your wedding reception can actually be more affordable than a regular sit-down meal. It can also provide opportunities for people to mingle and to choose what they want. A pasta buffet allows you to offer lots of options, with cold and hot pasta dishes, without costing you a fortune. Because pasta is affordable, you can splurge a bit on other items, like drinks.

Hog Roast

Not only is a hog roast hugely impressive, it can feed a large amount of people in a very dramatic way. Purchasing a few hogs to roast is much less expensive than hiring an entire catering company and it can be much more exciting for guests to watch. You can accompany the roast with items like rice or pasta, which are inexpensive, filling, and pair well with the meat.


A barbecue-style meal is another great option to consider. Barbecue foods, like hamburgers, hot dogs, and wings tend to be inexpensive and filling, which is exactly what you want. A barbecue is also a fun experience and can ensure that people mingle. Add ears of corn, beans, and greens, and you have a perfect wedding reception meal that is homey and affordable.

Putting together the food for a wedding reception can be a challenge if you are on a limited budget, but there are options. Most people cannot afford a formal catering company, so it is a good idea to be creative. By considering choices like a hog roast, pizza catering, a barbecue, or a pasta buffet, you can ensure that your guests have a great time without putting a huge strain on your wallet.

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