A new restaurant in Dana Point worth talking about.... The Wine Bistro

So I've lived in Dana Point for quite a while... don't get me wrong, I love my little town. I've always had some of my regular "go to" spots, Turks on the weekends for one of their Hair of the Dog Bloody Mary's, Hennessey's Tavern has got the world's best two for one burgers every Tuesday, but other than that if I'm looking for a nice glass of wine (assuming that a restaurant has a wine list with more than 5 sad little wines on it which seems to be the norm these days) there is nowhere in town to go. Or if some of my friends are coming down from LA looking for some real food there has been absolutely nowhere to take them... except to either venture down to San Clemente or up north to Newport or Laguna.

Well not any more. One of my friends told me that there was a new restaurant in town, the Wine Bistro is right next door to Hennessey's Tavern and is going to become quickly one of the best spots in town. The food is amazing. Items like Chicken and Waffles, PB&J Scallops and their Lobster Tots are just incredible. Somehow reading their menu is both welcoming and familiar but completely new and intriguing at the same time. I began digging around and found out that their Executive Chef Nael Taki (who came from a sister store in Redondo Beach) is known for taking old favorite and spinning them into a modern and artful meal. Everything he makes in his kitchen is from scratch and this is such a refreshing idea for my little town.

Prices were moderate for the quality of the food and their wine list was great, this list would be a pleaser for someone with an experienced palate or even for someone just beginning the beautiful journey of wine drinking. They also have a full bar which is a good thing since I personally am quite the whiskey drinker. Their specialty cocktail The Maple Old Fashioned put quite the smile on my face.

So next time you are feeling a little culinary itch come check them out... I did and found quite possibly the best new restaurant in town. Their website is www.winebistrodp.com



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