Gluten-Free Isn't a Fad, Health Comes First

For the past few years, gluten has been a subject that is both popular and notorious. There are those who hold disbelief towards the health benefits that come as a result of going gluten-free, and this amount of suspicion can be attributed to the fact that gluten-free seems to be a trend that everyone is jumping on board with. There is some truth to this; many people will jump on this novelty bandwagon without even knowing what it entails and what the real health benefits are.  They will end up replacing gluten packaged and junk foods with gluten-free packaged and junk foods – but junk is still junk whether it has gluten in it or not and eating it will not lead to weight loss. These are the same people who will follow any trend that is hot at a given moment.

 Despite this, gluten sensitivity, allergy and intolerance are real issues for many people, so they renounce it for the sake of their physical well-being, not because of a whim or because they want to keep up with the latest fad de jour. For the longest time I have struggled with symptoms that were leaning towards the possibility that I had gluten sensitivity, and for a long time I was not aware of what was causing my discomfort and health issues. A few of the symptoms that are considered clear indicators that gluten might not be something you wish to keep as an integral part of your diet are: constipation or even severe obstipation, sleep deprivation or poor sleep, flatulence and bloating, fatigue and headaches. As someone who has experienced all of these symptoms, I did some extensive research and underwent blood tests to confirm that I was in fact gluten-intolerant. Therefore, I am here to impart some personal wisdom when it comes to leading an easier gluten-free life.

Reading the labels

When you are gluten-intolerant, thorough reading and examination of labels on food products becomes a knee jerk reaction – you begin doing it without even realizing. You are also obsessed with getting in touch with manufacturers and doing extensive research on the types of food you are and are not allowed to eat, (and this list is quite informative and comprehensive, by the way). This is a phase every gluten-free beginner goes through; soon you will realize that there are numerous amazing food manufacturers that cater to the needs of people like us, and produce gluten-free substitutes of almost everything out there, so worry not – everything can be adjusted to your needs.

Do not fear your kitchen

Once you adopt this new dietary lifestyle you might feel slight apprehension towards the new cuisine. There is absolutely no need to feel this way – this is the same old cuisine, just gluten-free. If you spend a great amount of time away from home, and you are fearful and worried about whether you will have anything suitable to eat outside – stay on the safe side and prepare your own meals. If you are a gluten-free neophyte, like I was, ask for help at your local market so you can find all the gluten-free ingredients that you need. In addition to that, use your mad Google skills, and find amazing recipes to get you started. I loved the ones I found on I found on Jamie Oliver’s page, as well as those on bon appetit. There will, of course, be ingredients and meals you have never heard of before, but trust me they are not only delicious but amazing and energy-boosting as well.

Gluten-free living today

Today, if you have health problems associated with gluten, it is much easier to accept them and live with them, as there are significantly fewer difficulties in comparison to several years ago. These days, every supermarket you walk into offers a great variety of products that do not contain gluten – whether you are looking for sweet or savory, and even cosmetics, it has all been provided. Life without gluten can be easy even when there are celebrations and events to organize or attend. I always go for my favorite catering in Sydney, as the have the yummiest gluten-free finger food, canapes and other treats. It makes things so much easier. Doesn’t this sound wonderful? You can relax and be confident that everything will be set and safe without having to set foot in your kitchen.

Cooking without borders

Once you get the hang of things, you will not feel like you have to follow those online gluten-free recipes anymore. The moment you become confident and relaxed about this change in lifestyle, you will be able to return to your old ways of cooking and prepare your old favorite recipes. The only difference will be that you ingredients will be gluten free, but once you get used to that you won’t even notice it anymore. All you need is a bit of guidance at the beginning, and then you will feel free to get super-creative in the kitchen. Trust me on this – if you hand someone a recipe, you have given them one meal, but if you teach them how to cook gluten-free, you have provided them with meals for a lifetime.

 Enjoying gluten-free flavors is possible

I love food. I love the taste and feeling full with my belly poking out, and I love the nutritional value of the food. Most of all, I love to explore foods and flavors I have never experienced before. My advice is – never endure bland and tasteless food. Getting rid of gluten does not handicap your kitchen, all you need is a bit of research on the types of spices that are safe to use, a few recipes to get you started, and the enthusiasm about embarking on a different culinary journey.


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