Hi OC Foodies! I have to share with you news about a new coffee, developed by an OC entrepreneur called Tieman’s Fusion Coffees. It’s a healthy coffee – the beans are fused with antioxidants – and it tastes great (no funny aftertaste … and bonus, no coffee-breath!) Full disclosure, yes, my PR agency is working with them right now. But truthfully, this is really good coffee! Personally, what I like best about the coffee is the sustained energy. One of the antioxidants fused in the bean is Matcha – green tea – so the buzz you get is more like a tea buzz, which doesn’t go as high but lasts longer and you won’t hit a wall after an hour.

You can get a bag at Albertsons stores, $10/bag, in the Wild Harvest section. You can find the store closest to you at www.tiemans.com.

Also, the folks at Tieman’s Fusion Coffees have developed some fun BBQ recipes and iced coffee drinks that are delish! Did you notice in the “Lost Challenge” on Top Chef Masters a couple weeks ago, two of the chefs used coffee in their recipes? Coffee isn’t just for drinking anymore, so give these a try this weekend! (Click on link below for all the recipes ... enjoy!)
Tieman's Fusion Coffees_Summer Recipes.pdf

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Comment by OCfoodies on July 7, 2009 at 11:26pm
sounds great!


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