There are many reasons why people choose to make San Diego their home.  This beautiful city is ideally situated on the Mexican border so it offers a unique blend of the lifestyles of two different countries.  It’s also well loved because of its beautiful beaches and cultural diversity.  Visit some of these ethnically diverse communities on any given day of the week and you’ll find them all walking the streets in their full traditional garb from their homeland.  It’s a sight that is rarely seen or appreciated in other scenes. According to The Voices of San Diego,

“The San Diego region is a tapestry of rich racial and ethnic diversity, which has gradually changed its pattern over the last two decades.  The proportional drop in white population has been picked up by the combined proportional increase in Hispanic and Asian population.”

So, when you’re a San Diego resident ready to spend a night on the town, you never know what you’ll find when you visit a local bar.  There are several different types of bars that can add a little spice to your life.  Depending on what you expect to do, who you plan to mingle with, and the kind of vibe you’re looking for you’ll find all of these fun options in San Diego.

The College Bar

No one can overlook the fact that San Diego is a true college town.  That means that after class there will be loads of college students looking to melt away the stress with a night on the town.  The city has a number of college bars or sometimes called dive bars for you to enjoy. 

Expect these places to be pretty full with young adults ready for the time of their life. Since many college kids are forced to live on a tight budget, expect to find cheap beer flowing freely throughout the crowd.  You are free to order anything you want but fully expect that if you order a premium drink at one of these establishments it’s going to cost you a whole lot more.  Still, if you’re among the 20-somethings out for a good time, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. As the website Of Iron and Oak point out,

“If your goal for the night is to have a good time, partake in the excitement and meet new people, it wouldn’t hurt to dress up a bit.  We’re not talking suit and tie, but a polo and freshly maintained jeans will go a long way in a bar like this.”

Remember, college bars are simply an extension of a college house party.  They’ll be crowded, and full of cheap liquor in every corner.

The Night Club

If the young and energetic is not to your liking, you’ll probably appreciate the differences of a nightclub.  Just keep in mind that people come there to dance, not to talk so expect the music to be pretty loud.  If you want real conversation with your partner then you might want to try a different type of establishment because you won’t find it there.  Most nightclubs have themes, salsa dancing or Top 40s, etc.  So, check them out and find out what to expect before you go. 

When preparing to go to a nightclub make sure that you put on nicer clothes.  Many will refuse entry to those wearing jeans or sneakers.  This doesn’t mean that you have to go formal but a stylish suit or outfit with a nice pair of dress shoes will do. 

The Sports Bar

You can also try your hand at a local sports bar.  These can be pretty quiet when there is no game on but when the local teams are at play, watch out! 

Of course, these are not the only kinds of bars you can find when you visit San Diego.  Aside from those that are found in many restaurants, there are jazz clubs, surf bars, and the more upscale and elegant style bars found mostly near the marina.  The city has many types of entertainment to offer its residents and tourists alike. As puts it,

“San Diego touches the hearts of its people and creates a strong community across the county. A perfect blend of nature, city, suburbia and tourism make San Diego a favorite travel destination worldwide and a great source of pride for its local residents.”

So, when you’re ready to find your way to a fun and exciting spot in San Diego, make sure that you find the right bar to suit your tastes and you’ll be sure to have the best time of your life. You may consider restaurants like Zymology21.

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