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What Is An Over-The-Range Microwave Oven?

Over-the-range microwave ovens are ovens that, as their name implies, are placed above the stove. You surely already know that, but what you may not know is that these types of ovens provide maximum benefit for your kitchen and faster and easier preparation of food. Also, maintaining the oven is very easy and with the help of the self-cleaning program, your microwave will be clean and bright as new after cooking.

Over-the-range microwaves, also known as OTRs, are very popular kitchen appliances with variable functions and specifications. The main advantage is that it frees up space and provides more additional space for other household appliances. It is very easy to install and the only problem could be wiring for the oven as were to make a power and exhaust hole. If you follow the instructions, installing the over-the-range microwave will be quite easy.

In order to choose the best one, you must define measures and exhaust diameter of your own kitchen. The color must match the rest of your kitchen too. It is not a good idea to use the red microwave if you have a green kitchen, but the black and white combination would be a nice idea, or maybe black and yellow if you are brave and love to improvise. Also, ventilation is another factor you should consider before you buy it. You can choose between external and internal ventilation capability. It is recommended that you install the microwave with external ventilation because it can remove odors and smokes pretty quickly. Air will circulate and old air will come out while fresh air comes in, so it is just a bonus feature.

Most of these microwaves have neat additional functions such as child lock features. If you have a small child, this will definitely be the handy feature and you will often use it. Defrosting food ability and one button click for popcorn is a nice and fancy gadget that is useful to many customers. Choose the wattage carefully, because ovens with smaller power consumption are not powerful enough to cook and eat food to the optimal level. Every oven above 1,200 watts is a good choice. But be careful as more watts usually mean more electricity bills. If you choose it wisely, it can definitely be an energy saver for you. Microwave ovens are very economical household appliances.

There are so many over-the-range microwave models. Take your time and choose wisely. You don’t have to buy the oven too quickly but think twice and check the specifications of every model you are reviewing. There are so many microwave reviews from customers all over the world, and those reviews can be very helpful. Please, click here to learn more about microwaves.

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