Marketing ideas for Selling Healthy Food

Health food has become a very important part of the marketplace. With consumers more concerned than ever about their long-term health many are more selective about their dietary choices. Healthy foods (for those marketed as such) have become one of the fastest growing sections of the food industry.

Because of this growth, healthy foods have become a very competitive market segment with several different competing companies. Therefore, for companies in this industry, marketing has become more important due to the increase in both competition and interested customers. Accordingly, we have put together these eight ideas to market healthy food more effectively.

Marketing Healthy Food

  • Know The Customer Niche: healthy good is a diverse market with several different niches making up the large consumer base. However, each niche is uniquely different and has different needs. The vegan niche for example has far different needs than the Paleo Diet niche. The key part is for a business to recognize the specific needs of the niche they are marketing to and market themselves as problem solvers. A company that can meet a customer's need at an agreeable price point is one that will have a loyal customer for the long term.
  • Tell A Relatable Story: mode customers value authenticity. Part of a health food company’s marketing should be the story of that business. How were they founded, what drove them to specialize in the products they create, what’s the background of the founders, and so on. Put a human face on a company and they become more than a logo and customers relate to that far better than just a brand name.
  • Show The Benefits Of The Product: like with other forms of marketing customers buying health food need to understand the benefit it offers. An important point is to not get too involved with medical jargon or health claims. A product’s benefit should be some that can easily be explained in a sentence and is easily understood by the people looking for such a product.
  • The Power Of Words: customers respond to terminology. To many customers, the words healthy are associated with boring, bland, and tasteless foods. Healthy foods can still be marketed as having strong flavors, good taste, and can even be self-indulgent. Foods such as hamburgers and pizza are rarely considered healthy in the general sense but they can be made in a healthy way. Marketing can reflect on these healthier but still indulgent offerings and even vegetable dishes can highlight their flavors. This appeals to the balance many customers seek for healthy foods but also good taste.
  • Educate Your Customers: a company can write articles for the purpose of educating their customers. These articles can be on general health trends, news, or specifics on their part of the food industry. Aside from pointing customers to a company’s products these articles are also highly useful in building a company’s reputation. Remember, customers, look to companies to solve a specific want or need. Educational articles allow a company to show their specific expertise and how they can help a customer solve the issues they are encountering.
  • Name Promotion: local health fairs and related community events are an excellent way for a company to make their name more well known in the local market. While free product samples are always practical name recognition can also be increased by giving away associated items. Healthy foods are associated with a broader healthy lifestyle so towels, gym bags, water bottles, or workout clothing with a company logo can all severe as effective marketing tools.
  • Results Need To Be Consistent: the best companies are those that back up what their marketing claims. A company that is consistent with its goods, prices, quality of products, and customer service will have very consistent sales and repeat customers. Marketing that focuses on this ability to deliver consistent results can be a powerful tool as customers will pay for dependability.
  • Online Marketing: many customers do their shopping and product research online. Every modern company should have a strong social media presence, company website, and if applicable online store. This allows for direct customer interaction and can generate sales leads as customers seek out industry experts.


Marketing healthy foods require many of the same tools that any good marketing plan has. This includes a budget, customer profile, specific ROI goals, time frame, and so on. However, each industry requires a specific methodology to yield the best results and healthy foods are no different. Specialized niches are a common feature of healthy foods and they can be reached through:

  • Authentic branding.
  • Highlighting easily understood health benefits.
  • Remembering to focus on taste as well as health.
  • Showing company expertise in the health food industry.
  • Name recognition.
  • Product reliability.
  • Online marketing.

Thus, a carefully measured approach can easily reach customers and build a long-term and dependable customer base.

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