Meet The Cheesemonger At The Cellar, Chief Of All Things Cheese

If your knowledge of wine and cheese doesn’t go beyond the boxed stuff from the local liquor store and the individually packaged slices of a dubious color, then visit The Cellar in San Clemente, where a sommelier and cheese mongers will kick your palate up a few notches. Enter Dillon Joyce. Dillon is the head cheese of cheeses at The Cellar in San Clemente, where he assembles the most beautiful and perfectly paired presentations you never knew existed. He can help you pick a first-class cheese board for your next party or the best bites to replenish your own private stash.

From the mild to the mellow and the artisan to the ash covered, this cheesemonger is the brains behind the blocks of cheese. His favorite fromage, he says, is a tie between Chällerhocker and Harbison. And don’t even think of asking him for a grilled cheese sandwich made with overprocessed goop from a can.

“The best grilled cheese is -- hands down -- one made with Lagrein,” he said. “And I'm a sucker for good honey mustard – it pairs great with cheese.”

What is a delicious slice of cheese without a glass of wine? Dillion can also recommend the best sips to go with your slices. Dillon competed in the Cheesemonger Invitational in San Francisco in 2013 and 2014, where he shined as a superstar and cemented his place in the world of cheese.

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