Pan Seared Rib Eyes with a Red Wine Reduction Sauce

Pan Seared Rib Eyes with a Red Wine Reduction Sauce

Served with Roasted Brussel Sprout


So every Tuesday my house turns into a little café and depending on the amount of friends I have over some what dictates the menu. Basically the more people that come over the fancier I make the meal…. Last night it was only my best friend Angie and Lord knows what a steak fiend I am so that was “the what’s for dinner” made easy.


Rib Eyes…. Mmmmm where do I begin? The way the steak marbled with the juicy bits of fat just melt in your mouth in complete bliss, or the way that when you pan sear the steak in browned butter the outer layer has just enough of a crisp texture while the middle is perfectly medium rare. Yes, with the exception of the Porterhouse cut the Rib Eye takes the cake as being the numero Uno steak at my house. As far as the side dish goes for last night, I for one love Brussels sprouts or Alien heads as my kids have so fondly donned them, and when you take those little suckers and cook them with garlic and bacon grease it transforms them into little bites of heaven. Shall we begin with the recipe….


For the Steaks

-          Two Rib Eye Steaks (Room Temperature works the best for the pan searing)

-          1 ½ Tbsp. Kosher Salt

-          1 Tbsp. Ground Black Pepper

-          1 Tbsp finely chopped Thyme

-          1 Tbsp. Flour

-          2 Slices of Bacon thinly sliced

-          1 small Shallot chopped

-          2 cloves of garlic

-          ½ to 1 Cup of Red Two Buck Chuck (save the good stuff for your glass)

-          4 Tbsp. Butter

-          ¼ cup or less of Heavy Whipping cream


For the Alien Heads

-          12-15 Brussel Sprouts

-          1 Sm Red Onion Sliced

-          1 or 2 Cloves of Garlic Chopped

-          2 Sliced of Bacon Chopped

-          5 Tbsp Olive Oil

-          ½ tsp. Kosher Salt

-          ½ tsp Black Pepper

-          Dash of Balsamic Vinegar

-          Freshly grated Parmesan Cheese



Grab a Rocks glass from the cabinet and carefully place 4-5 ice cubes in glass and top with your favorite bourbon (I personally prefer Bulleit Rye) drink and then repeat. Now you are ready to cook.


Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees this is for both the Steaks and the Roasted Alien Heads.


The trick with pan searing steaks is one you need a good pan, two the oven needs to be pre-heated and ready to go and lastly, you need to make sure you are just quickly searing the outside and not cooking it through. Pan searing take all the delicious flavors and locks them into the steak. My mouth is watering just typing this….


Take the salt, pepper and thyme and mix in bowl, generously rub the steaks down on all sides and set aside.


In large pan on low to medium heat, brown the butter. Be careful not to burn it cause that just doesn’t taste very good. Once the butter has been browned, toss in the garlic, shallots and bacon and cook until bacon is crispy. Now it’s time to turn the heat up to med high on your stove top. Sprinkle steaks with flour and lovingly set in pan…. Can you hear that delicious sizzle of flavor? Cook for about 3 to 4 minute on each side. Once the steaks are perfectly seared on the outside remove from pan and turn the stove top to low/medium. Place steaks on another pan and stick those suckers in the oven for about 8 minutes depending on the thickness of the cut. I like to flip them over once while they’re in the oven.


Now look back at the searing pan… see all the little bits of delight just sitting there waiting to be transformed into your sauce? With the stove top on medium add that two buck chuck (might as well refresh your bourbon at this point as well) and with a whisk, scrape the bottom of the pan thoroughly to make sure and get all the good flavor off. Allow sauce to reduce about halfway stirring a couple times here and there and then when it reached the desired thickness add your heaving whipping cream. Turn heat to low and voila you’ve got a sauce better than most restaurants.


For the Sprouts…. Slice each Brussel sprout in half lengthwise and set a side.

In a medium pan on med/high heat add olive oil, bacon and garlic. Once bacon is starting to get crispy toss in the sprouts and red onion and cook on med/high for about ten minutes so sprouts are a bit tender. Add the Balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and toss all together. Spread onto a greased cookie sheet and place those little guys in the oven for about 15 minutes sprinkling grated parmesan over them during the last five minutes of roasting.


That’s it. I suppose if you wanted to you could make a potato au gratin side dish as well but I don’t really like potatoes and since it was only me and Angie eating dinner I said “forget about it” in and Jersey accent and decided we’d live happily ever after minus the potatoes…


The steaks were huge and neither of us could finish them so I carefully packaged them up thinking that I’d use them as a topping on the pizza’s I’m cooking tonight. But as the story continues the steaks didn’t make it to morning, because I ended up venturing out of my house to meet Miss Amy for a drink at the Fox.


And one drink at the Fox is never really one drink; it’s a drink, a shot and then usually another drink. So as closing time neared closer I got my little wobbly butt into a cab and went home. When I awoke this morning I was not alone in bed…. I was accompanied by the container that merely hours before held the left over steaks… but the steaks were gone. Note to self…. My inner drunken child will eat all your left over’s in a very un-lady like manner wearing noting but underwear and Ugg Boots in bed and no silver ware of course.


Bon Appetite!

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