Popcorn Enthusiasts Snack their Way to Smooth Skin with New Sexypop Popcorn

"Shaman of Snacks" Robert Ehrlich, the founder of mega-popular snack brand Pirate's Booty, is bringing Sexyback with...popcorn???

Aiming to revolutionize the relationship between noshing and nutrition, Sexypop popcorn injects sexiness into the body-conscious consumer's snack break through a focus on healthy, unique ingredients and a promise of clearer skin.

With premium, antioxidant-packed Japanese popcorn as a base, the flavors are formulated to be both delectable and healthful – both inside and out. Says founder Robert Ehrlich, "Sexypop contains nourishing ingredients such as Avocado & Seaweed, a combination poised to become the world's first edible skincare regimen."

Black Pepper, Brazilian Coconut and Light French Butter flavors are also likely to be a big hit, especially because they have been nutrient-enhanced with vitamins. The combination of great taste and vitamins A, C, and E will keep bodies looking their best while curbing cravings in a pop.

More than just yummy, Sexypop popcorn was created by Ehrlich to become a new platform for innovative and groundbreaking snacks. "I imagine that my Sexypop collection will satisfy a growing, hungry market for fun new nutrition options for consumers who want food that multitasks."

Now Sexypop is poised to elevate Ehrlich as the new leader in not only popcorn, but the healthy snack industry as a whole.

For more info please visit Sexypop.

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