Starting on Thursday, June 16 Puma’s will be on the prowl at RA Sushi in Tustin with the launch of  “Puma Thursdays,” a ladies night out promotion featuring a selection of food and drink specials, ranging from $2 -7. Every Thursday between 7 and 10 p.m., Puma’s (and their prey) can enjoy tempting specials, which will tantalize their senses all night long.

 The “Puma Thursdays” special menu includes the following food items: Soup & Salads (Cucumber Sunomono, Miso Soup, Seaweed Salad), Getting Started (Chicken Yakitori, Calamari Tempura, Edamame, Kaisen Ceviche, Pineapple Cheese Wontons, Pork Gyoza, “RA”ckin’ Shrimp, Vegetable Tempura), RA Tapas (Garlic Sugar Snap Peas, Seared Tuna Tapas, Salmon Carpaccio, Shishito Peppers), RA Must Haves (Crispy Spicy Tuna, Tootsy Maki, Tuna Tataki, Viva Las Vegas Roll), Nigiri Sushi (Shrimp Nigiri), Maki Sushi (Avocado Roll, California Roll, Cucumber Roll, Philadelphia Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll) and Specialty Rolls (Crunchy Calamari Roll).

 An array of drink specials will also be offered, ranging from $2 - 6, including: Bud Light, Miller Lite, Sapporo and Sapporo Light, Cruzan Mojitos (Lime, Mango, Strawberry), Sauza Margaritas (Cucumber, Mango, Strawberry), cold sakes by the glass and wines by the glass (House Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet, Prosecco). We’ve also added a selection of signature sips to the menu: Cougar Juice (Flavored Sake: Apple, Mango or Watermelon), The Prowler (lemonade made with Three Olives Cherry Vodka and fresh squeezed juices), Cat’s Meow (Skyy Vodka, mixed melon liqueur and other fruit flavors), Flirtini (Skyy Pineapple Vodka, raspberry and Champagne), and Gold Digger (Grey Goose Vodka mixed with tropical fruit flavors, shaken ice cold). Ready to pounce?!

 The “Puma Thursday” specials are available for dine-in orders only, and are offered only at RA Sushi in Tustin: 2401 Park Avenue, Tustin, CA. 92782, 714-566-1700.

For more information visit RA online at

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