RAMEN & TSUKEMEN 道TAO Announces Upcoming Grand Opening in Buena Park

Japanese Chef Toshimasa Sano announces his first ramen restaurant will open in Buena Park on Tuesday, September 3.  After 10 years of training at Tsujita in Tokyo, Sano was inspired to open his own ramen shop, named “RAMEN & TSUKEMEN道 TAO,” and he is especially excited to introduce hi guests to ramen dishes with miso broth, Tsujita’s specialty. Sano’s menu includes four kinds of ramen noodles: White Miso Ramen, Red Miso Ramen, Tonkotsu Ramen, and Tsukemen dipping noodles, along with two kinds of pork buns and steamed white rice as side dishes. Toppings include: Ajitama (soft-boiled eggs), Menma (marinated bamboo shoots), green onions, char-siu (roasted pork), nori and vegetables.

Tonkotsu ramen with its creamy, pork-based broth (originally from Fukuoka City in Southern Japan) has become a favorite among ramen lovers in the U.S., and Chef Sano uses a flavorful broth with a soy-sauce base that’s popular in Tokyo. Tsukemen, known as the dipping ramen, is served with the noodles arriving alongside the bowl of soup, allowing diners to dip them in, and Sano’s version comes with miso-based broth. Sano also will serve soft drinks and plans on serving alcohol beverages later this year.

As a welcome to Buena Park residents, Sano will offer 100 bowls of ramen noodles free of charge, 50 bowls for lunch and another 50 for dinner, to those who follow the restaurant’s Instagram page, on Tuesday, September 3 only. The restaurant has 16 seats and will be open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday through Saturday. Lunch will be served 11 am-3 pm; dinner 5 pm-11 pm.

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