Tostilocos - Mexican street food for the OCFoodie

Wikipedia describes them as Mexican Antojitos or street food. As far as I can tell their origin can be traced back to Tijuana, MX where their combination of cheap, delicious and eat-on-the-go style makes them extremely popular with the locals. They contain a little bit of everything you probably shouldn't be eating but you do because it's just so damn good!

The OCWeekly's Editor, Gustavo Arellano, describes them the best. He recently said  in an interview with KCRW's "Good Food" show that Tostilocos "...really is the insight into the mysteries that is the Mexican soul." You can read his complete article Here!

So what the heck are "Tostilocos" anyway?...

You take a bag of Tostitos brand chips, slice it length wise as if to make a bowl from the wrapper. Now comes my favorite part! You add chopped cucumber and jicama, You pile on cueritos or pickled pig skin, add some japanese peanuts, and top of the whole concoction with a healthy dose of hot sauce, chamoy and a slice of lime for garnish!... Who are we kidding, we don't need garnish! squeeze the damn lime on to the whole thing and enjoy! You can eat them with a fork or you can forgo the fork and eat them the traditional way... use your fingers! Just be ready to lick those digits when you've gobbled up your tasty snack. Talking about taste... It's a combination of sweet and sour, spicy and salty, and absolutely take-your-taste-buds-on-a-roller-coaster-ride awesome! Certainly not for everyone, but I think the majority of people would be pleasantly surprised about how well everything comes together in your mouth.

So where can YOU try this crazy mixture of that's so weird but, oh! so tasty?

Gustavo's personal recommendation is, as he calls it, a glorified Mexican snack stand called ' Tortas y Bionicos "nice" ' in Santa Ana, CA near Main Street on Warner Avenue. 

You can check out their Instagram and Facebook pages for directions, phone numbers, and more pictures here: or

So, what's your favorite way to eat Tostilocos? #TeamFork #TeamHand

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