Wagyu Week Is Back At Sushi Roku Newport Beach

Sushi Roku Newport Beach welcomes a special delivery of award-winning Bungo Wagyu now through Saturday, March 30th with a limited-time-only tasting menu. Bungo beef is considered the highest-quality Japanese grade beef, originating from the Oita prefecture in the Kyushu region of Japan. The award-winning meat will be offered in six unique preparations to preserve its rich, delicious flavor. Each can be paired with refined spirits originating from Japan that delicately enhance each dishes’ overall profile.

Bungo Wagyu Beef Tasting Menu

Wagyu Sushi (2pcs; 0.6oz/each)
Kizami Wasabi, Oscietra Caviar, Gold Flakes

Wagyu Skewers (1.5 oz)
Sweet Soy, Karashi Mustard

Wagyu Carpaccio (2oz)
Salt, Pepper, Garlic Chips, Red Yuzu Pepper, Tiny Veggies (carrot, white radish, red radish)

Wagyu Katsu Sandwich (1oz/each)
Shoku pan, Sweet Yuzu BBQ, Yuzu Kosho Tartare, Cucumber

Wagyu Short Rib (2oz)
Garlic Mashed Potato, Soy Mirin, Gobo Chips, Tiny Radish, Tiny Carrot

Wagyu Ishi-Yaki (3oz)
Sea Salt, Lemon, Yuzu Kosho, Ponzu

Flight by Flight
Wagyu Sushi (1oz)
Wagyu Short Rib (1oz)
Wagyu Skewer (1oz)

Sushi Roku Fashion Island is located at 327 Newport Center Drive in Newport Beach (adjacent to Macy’s, across from True Food Kitchen). For more information or to make reservations, please visit www.sushiroku.com.

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