With an Airfryer you can bake much more than just French fries. We like to inspire you, so that the hot air fryer is also useful when you start with other recipes from your favorite cookbook.


Meat is easily prepared in the hot air fryer. In fact, all types of meat are suitable, as long as it fits in your Airfryer. Even there are lots of air fryer recipes like Skewers and meatballs, as well as chicken bolts, can easily be cooked. Pay attention to the temperature, because if you bake a thin piece of meat too hot, it will dry quickly. When using large pieces of meat, make sure they are not too close to the heating element, then they burn quickly. In principle it is not necessary to use fat, but if you choose it, the result is very crunchy. Can it be a little richer from you? Then marinate the meat or add some oil.

Vegetarian snacks

Vegetarian snacks are very suitable for preparation in the Airfryer. Vegetarian carré's, rondos or schnitzels often have a breadcrumb layer that is crispy in a hot air fryer. Falafel balls also get a good bite if you bake them in the Airfryer.

Potato dishes

Potato is very suitable for preparation in Airfryer. For example, you bake potato slices, cubes, wedges, or croquettes golden brown. Whether they are cut, freshly bought or frozen. Experiment only with the baking time and temperature and add some oil to taste. Do you want something different? Then slide a potato gratin into the Airfryer.

Frites and snacks

If you bake fries in the Airfryer, then preferably choose special oven fries. All other types of fries can also, but experience shows that they are often less crunchy and dry. There are also special Airfryer fries on the market, but oven fries are also sufficient. For snacks such as meatballs, croquettes, hamburgers and bitterballen, we recommend that you only use the variant for the oven or Airfryer. Otherwise, the chance of pale meatballs or a bitterbal placard is very high.


You can easily schedule vegetables in your Airfryer. Use firm vegetables such as carrots, squash, peppers or zucchini. Cut into large pieces and make them with oil and some salt or spices before you put them in the hot air fryer.


You can also prepare fish or shellfish in the hot air fryer. The taste of air fryer fish is really different from a deep fry pan. Especially breaded fish is nicely crispy without adding fat. Crustaceans such as shrimps or langoustines are equally suitable for preparation in the Airfryer.


The Airfryer is also available for baking recipes. So you bake a cake, but also a cake or a plate cake. Even baking deep fried doughnut balls is possible. Keep in mind that the Airfryer is smaller than a normal hot air oven. Baking an apple pie for 12 people is therefore difficult. The same applies to cookie baking. That is fine, there is only little space for many cookies at the same time.


Do you just want to bake something, such as pistols or croissants? That is what the Airfryer does for you too. Only heating products is also a possibility, provided you do not set the temperature too high. So it seems like your ragout or sausage roll comes directly from the bakery.

Other possibilities

Do you want to do something unexpected with your Airfryer? You can even cook an egg in it! So make a complete breakfast in 1 effort. Make sure you do not preheat the Airfryer. Immediately put an egg, a bake-off roll, a slice of bacon and a sausage. Let the Airfryer do its job and your breakfast is ready before you have touched the stove.

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